Pro Wishlist

Note: The wishlist feature makes use of cookies. Some jurisdictions require you to inform your users about the cookies on your website. If this is the case for your jurisdiction, please add this to your cookie policy if you are using the wishlist feature.

Loyalize your customers by saving their favorite products, finding them quickly and easily at a later time to buy them.

1. The wishlist feature is bundled as a module, so to start using it firstly you have to enable the module from Appearance > Theme Dashboard

2. Go to Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Wishlist and activate the feature by selecting one of the available layouts:


3. Once the layout is selected, new options will appear:


Wishlist Tooltip: Enable a tooltip that is shown when mouse over the wishlist icon in the products.
Tooltip Text: The text that is shown along with the tooltip.
Wishlist Page Settings: Create the page for the wishlist (where products added to wishlist are shown).

Wishlist icon in the header (it is possible show/hide):


Products list final result:


Single product page:


Wishlist page: