Pro Size Chart

The Pro version of Botiga comes with an exclusive built-in ‘Size Chart’ module. It allows you to add custom size charts to your product pages, e.g. size charts for clothes, shoes, bags, or jewelry.

You can create as many size charts as you want.

To start using the size chart feature, firstly you have to enable the module from Appearance > Theme Dashboard

Once you have the module enabled, open the Customizer or go to the Appearance > Customize menu in your WordPress admin area, then navigate to the WooCommerce > Single products > Size Chart option.

  1. Global Size Chart (Optional): Use this option if you want to add a global size chart to all products in your store — note: check the instructions below to learn how to create global size charts.
  2. Title: The title of the global size chart.
  3. Icon: Control the icon that’s displayed in the product page.

Enable the size chart and publish/save the Customizer settings.

How to create a size chart

When you enable the Size Chart feature, a new option under the Products menu will appear in your admin area. This is where you can create your size charts.

Go to Products > Size Chart, and click ‘Add New’ to create a new size chart.

Add your own data to the Size Chart Options in the following way:

How to display a size chart on a product page

Once you have a size chart created under Products > Size Chart, you need to assign it to each product where you want to show it.

To do so, edit the product, scroll down to the Botiga Product Options box, and select the size chart you want to display.

Save/publish the changes and check the product on the frontend of your site:

How to define a global size chart for all products

First, make sure you have at least one size chart created under Products > Size Chart.

Then, go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Single Products > Size Chart and select the desired size chart in the Global Size Chart option:

How to control the styling options from the size chart

You can find options to customize the size chart styling like text color, icon color, popup background color, etc, under Appearance > Customize > Single Product > Size Chart (Style)