Pro Sticky add to cart

Botiga Pro extend the free theme with Sticky Add to Cart feature. This feature is bundled as a module, so to start using, firstly you have to enable the module from Appearance > Theme Dashboard > Theme Features

Once you have the module enabled, you can find options under Apperance > Customize > Single Product > Sticky Add To Cart

  1. Position: Control the position of sticky add to cart (at very top or bottom of browser window).
  2. Elements: Show or hide the elements inside sticky add to cart area.
  3. Elements Spacing: The horizontal spacing between the elements.
  4. Hide When Scroll To Top: Hide the sticky add to cart area when scroll down the pageĀ 
  5. Visibility: Show the sticky add to cart only in the selected device. Possible values are “Show on all devices”, “Desktop only” and “Mobile/Tablet only”.