Pro Quantity Step Control

The Quantity Step Control feature allows you to change the default WooCommerce quantity increment behavior where the increment step value is “1”.

With this Botiga Pro feature, you can define custom increment steps, such as “2”, “3”, “4”, etc.

Why Change the Quantity Steps?

While in most cases, you want to enable your customers to purchase as many products as they want, there are always exceptions.

For example, you may run special deals for customers who are willing to buy more than one product. Or, you may have offers for couples, friends, mothers and daughters, etc. where setting the quantity step to “2” can be helpful and increase the engagement of the target group.

Here’s a short video about what a product with custom quantity steps looks like from the frontend:

1. Activate the Module

First, you need to enable the module from the Appearance > Theme Dashboard admin page.

Find the Quantity Step Control module, then click the Activate button:

2. Configure the Settings

Once you have enabled the module, new Customizer options will appear in the Appearance > Customize > General panel:

Quantity steps, options in the Customizer

The four new settings are:

  1. Quantity Min: Defines the minimum allowed value
  2. Quantity Max: Defines the maximum allowed value
  3. Quantity Step: Defines the step for value incrementation
  4. Quantity Default: Defines the default value for the first page load

3. Pick a Style for Your Quantity Step Buttons

You can choose from nine different quantity input styles, too.

You can find these design options above the quantity steps settings in the Customizer:

Quantity input style options

4. Configure Quantity Steps on a Per-Product Basis

The same options will also be present on individual product pages so that you can have different values for each product.

To find these options, you’ll need to edit a product, scroll down to the Product data box, and open the Inventory section.

Here, you can define custom quantity steps, min, max, and default for your individual product: