Pro Checkout Layouts

The free version of Botiga comes with only 2 checkout layouts. Botiga Pro extends the free theme with 3 new layouts: ‘Multi Step Checkout’, ‘One Step Checkout’ and ‘Shopify Checkout’.

Multi Step Checkout

Enhances the default checkout process in the WooCommerce plugin, allowing online store owners to provide a smoother and more user-friendly purchasing experience for their customers.

Instead of presenting the entire checkout form on a single page, the Multi-Step Checkout breaks down the process into multiple steps or sections, making it easier for customers to navigate and complete their orders. Each step focuses on specific information or actions required during the checkout process, reducing overwhelm and increasing clarity.


Important: The “Login” step will be shown only if the user it’s not logged-in and the WooCommerce setting “Allow customers to place orders without an account” is enabled at Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Account and Privacy

Shopify Checkout

Replicate the checkout experience found in Shopify stores. By implementing this feature, store owners can provide their customers with a similar checkout process in terms of design and layout.

One Step Checkout

Simplify and streamline the checkout process by condensing all the necessary fields and steps onto a single page. With this feature enabled, customers can complete their purchase in a single step without having to navigate through multiple pages or sections.