Pro Shop sidebar positions

Botiga Pro extend the free theme with more shop sidebar positions. 

You find this option at
Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog > Layout > Sidebar


Sidebar Top:

file-tkezgk4qgl-2119910When “Top” position is selected, a new field to control the “Sidebar Top Columns” is shown.

Sidebar Slide-Out:file-lpunq6l1ur-1265900

Slide-Out position works like a off-canvas sidebar that can be show or hidden by clicking in a button. 

  1. Sidebar Open Button Text: The text of button that display the off-canvas sidebar. 
  2. Sidebar Open Icon: Show or hide the icon/button that display the off-canvas sidebar.

Sidebar ‘Slide-Out’ styling

Once you have the ‘Slide-Out’ style enabled, new options to customize the sidebar styling will appear under Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog (Style) > Layout > Sidebar

  1. Close Icon Color: Controls the color from the icon that closes the sidebar.
  2. Background Color: Controls the background color from the entire sidebar area.
  3. Widgets Divider Color: Controls the divider color from widgets inside the sidebar area.
  4. Sidebar Space Between Widgets: Controls the spacing between the widgets inside the sidebar area.
  5. Sidebar Padding: Controls the padding/spacing from the sidebar area.

New shop widget area:

Botiga Pro extend the theme with a new exclusive widget area to shop pages. This way you can have unique sidebar for pages, blog archive, blog posts (the Sidebar widget area) and at same time a unique and exclusive sidebar to WooCommerce pages (the Shop Sidebar widget area). You can find the new shop widget area at Appearance > Widgets > Shop Sidebar