Pro Floating Mini Cart Icon

To use the ‘Float Mini Cart Icon’, the ‘Side Mini Cart’ mini cart style is required. You can enable it from Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Cart > Mini Cart

Click on the ‘Float Mini Cart Icon Settings’ button to see all available options.


  1. Display: Controls the display of the feature to be either ‘Always’ or ‘When cart is not empty’.
    1. Always: Display the floating mini cart icon all the time.
    2. When cart is not empty: Display the floating mini cart icon only when the store cart has some product added to it.
  2. Icon: Controls the floating mini cart icon.
  3. Icon Size: Controls the icon size.
  4. Position: Controls the mini cart icon position relative to the browser window.
  5. Corner Offset: Controls the distance between the floating mini cart icon and the browser window corner.


  1. Icon Color: Controls the icon color.
  2. Background Color: Controls the background color.
  3. Counter Color: Controls the counter text color.
  4. Counter Background Color: Controls the counter background color.
  5. Border Radius: Controls the border radius from floating mini cart icon.
  6. Display Shadow: Displays a shadow in the float mini cart icon.

Here’s how the ‘Floating Mini Cart Icon’ looks like in the front-end: