Pro Single Product Advanced Reviews

Botiga Pro improves the default WooCommerce reviews system with a new workflow and layout style. You can enable the Advanced Reviews through Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Single Products > Advanced Reviews.

file-vobtdtpusy-17142671. Enable: Enable or disable the advanced reviews.
2. Default Reviews Sorting: Controls the order that the reviews should be filtered in the first load of the page. Possible values are: Newest, Oldest, Top Rated and Low Rated.
3. Settings / Discussion: By default WordPress doesn’t have pagination enabled for comments/reviews. Clicking in the link within this option takes you to the default WordPress settings. To enable the pagination make sure to check the option below and define the “Break comments into page with…” with your desired value.

file-hcwxqrhbao-67468714. Pagination Type: Controls the pagination type. Two options are available: Default and Load More. This option only works if you have pagination for comments/reviews enabled. 
5. Display Order: Controls the display order from the entire advanced reviews section. Low values will move the section to top. High values will move the section to bottom.