Built-in product Ajax search

Allow your customers to search and get results in real time without loading other pages.

How to setup Ajax search

The options to setup the ajax search could be find through Appearance > Customize > Woocommerce > Search

  1. Enable Ajax On Search Fields: Turn on/off the Ajax search feature.
  2. Enable Search by SKU: Return products based on either product name or SKU.
  3. Results Amount Per Search: Control how many results/products should be returned in the search.
  4. Results Description: Select which product field should be displayed in the product results description.
  5. Results Description Length: Controls the number of words to be displayed in the results description.
  6. Results Order By: Control how the results should be ordened (product name, date, price, random, etc..)
  7. Results Order: Control if the order of results should be whether “Ascending” or “Descending”.
  8. Display Categories: Display or not categories in the results.