Pro Sidebar Module

How to activate the Sidebar Module

To activate the Sidebar Module, please go to your admin area, and from there go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard. Once you’re here, locate the Sidebar Module and click on Activate. After that, simply click on Customize to be taken to the relevant Customizer section.

The following features are available in this module:

  1. Custom Sidebars:
  1. Position on Mobiles: Choose if you want to display the sidebar before or after the content;
  2. Enable sticky sidebar: makes the sidebar sticky as you scroll down;
  3. Size and spacing: you can use this controls to configure the sidebar width, as well as the padding and the vertical spacing between widgets;
  4. Additional classes: To hide a block from your sidebar, add the class “widget-hidden-desktop” or “widget-hidden-mobile” to the block’s “Additional CSS class(es)” field.