Global button settings in Sydney

Using Sydney, you can customize the appearance of your buttons by going to
Customize > General > Buttons. These options apply to all buttons on your website.

The following option groups are available for your buttons:

  • Paddings and radiusfile-tv8xnbssji-9746264Use the padding options (Top/Bottom padding and Left/Right padding) to increase or decrease the size of your buttons. Note that these options are responsive so you can configure individual paddings for desktop, tablet, and mobile. 
    To change the shape of your buttons, you can use the
    Button radius option. By using this option, you can achieve rounded buttons, or keep it at 0 to have rectangular buttons.
  • Typographyfile-qvtasyzrns-9963047Easily change the buttons’ font size for desktop, tablet, and mobile or switch the text-transform property between regular, Capitalize, lowercase or UPPERCASE.
  • Colorsfile-tllti76rbp-2285227The color options are divided into two sections: default state and hover state. All these options also have an alpha channel so you can control the color’s transparency.
    Tip: if you want to design ghost buttons (just borders, no background color) you can use the background color option and change the opacity bar to 0.