ProForms & HTML Designer Module

To activate the Forms & HTML Designer Module, please go to your admin area, and from there go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard. Once you’re here, locate the Forms & HTML Designer Module and click on Activate. After that, simply click on Customize to be taken to the relevant Customizer section.

This module helps you style forms and various HTML elements across your website. Each HTML element has its own set of options, as shown below. Also, please note that when you access this module’s respective Customizer section, it automatically opens a page so you can preview your changes.

  1. Forms:
    You have full color control here, as well as border and height options
  2. Lists:
    For lists you can control the padding, spacing between items, as well as the disc style.
  3. Tables:
    Easily control the colors, borders as well as the cell padding.
    Control the border and background colors
  5. Headings:
    Control the top and bottom margins