Pro Custom fonts in Sydney Pro

How to activate the Custom Fonts module

To activate the Custom Fonts module, please go to your admin area, and from there go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard. Once you’re here, locate the Custom Fonts module and click on Activate. After that, simply click on Customize to be taken to the relevant Customizer section.

How to add the fonts

From Typography > General, use the Fonts Library option to select Custom Fonts.

Once you do that, new options will show that let you upload your font files for as many fonts as you want.

Simply name your font and upload the files you have available for your specific font. You can use the Add New Font button if you want to add more or you can remove them by clicking on the bin icon.

How to use your custom fonts

Simply go to the font option you want to change, like Typography > Headings, and select your custom font.

If you’re using Elementor, you will also find your custom fonts available in the Elementor typography options.