Pro Quick Links Module

Quick Links Module lets you create a floating contact bar. Here is a video overview of this feature:

To activate the Quick Links module, please go to your admin area and from there go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard. Once you’re here, locate the Quick Links module and click on Activate.


All options related to the quick links are located in
Customize > General > Quick Links

  1. Enable the Quick Links floating bar;
  2. Pick the style you want and select the devices on which you want to show the quick links bar;
  3. Start adding quick links. 

    •  Image: this can be a regular image file or an SVG file. Please note: you might need to enable SVG upload by installing a plugin that facilitates this.
    • Text: this is just the label for your quick link. If you use the left-hand side or right-hand side display styles, this text will be displayed as a tooltip automatically as it might not fit otherwise.
    • Link or shortcode: you have multiple possibilities here. You can add an internal or external link, a mailto or a tel link, or even a shortcode that the theme automatically identifies and displays right next to your quick links bar.
  4. Use the styling options to design the way you want to.file-08ev12yc7p-2444530