Elementor blocks

Sydney comes with some blocks created specifically for the Elementor page builder. These blocks – and others – will show up on your homepage if you’ve chosen to import our demo site. If not, you can add the ones you need from the Elementor interface.

If you’re starting a fresh Elementor page, simply create a new page, assign the Front Page template and then click the button to enter the Elementor interface, as shown in the image below:


If you’re not yet familiar with Elementor, you can find some great resources to get you started by checking out their  official documentation.

Sydney-defined blocks

The following is a list that shows all blocks defined specifically for use with the Sydney WordPress theme. All custom blocks can be found under the Sydney Elements category.


This block lets you create an unlimited list of employees and display them inside a stylish carousel. The block is called aThemes: Employees. Drag and drop the block and then start adding your employees by clicking the Add Item button. Next you can configure the person’s name, position and social profile.


aThemes: Testimonials

The Testimonials block lets you create a list of testimonials gathered from your customers. Drag and drop it and then start adding as many testimonials as you want. You can define your client’s name, the position, a photo and the actual body of the testimonial.


aThemes: Portfolio

The Portfolio block is an easy way to show off your latest projects. It works in the same way as the previous two blocks. You simply drag and drop it and then you can add an unlimited number of projects. Add a Filter Term for each of your projects and a filter bar will show up, making it easy for your visitors to quickly browse to your projects.


aThemes: Posts

Once you add the Posts block on your website, it will automatically display the latest posts from your blog. You can set a category and the block will only display posts from that certain category and you can also define the number of posts to show.