[Pro] Templates system overview

Please note: this feature requires WordPress 5.9 and is available starting from Sydney Pro 3.0.1

The templates system available in Sydney Pro lets you build blocks with the WordPress editor. Here's how you can use these blocks:

  • you can create one or multiple custom headers and assign them to any page or group of pages;
  • you can create one or multiple custom footers and assign them to any page or group of pages;
  • you can create content sections and attach them to any theme hook you want. We also have built-in support for some of the most important hooks in WooCommerce.
  • you can replace the content of your 404 page with the custom content you want.

How to enable the templates system

From your admin area, go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard, locate the Templates module, and click on Activate. Once the module is activated, you can click on Build templates to be taken to the templates interface.

Please note: after you have activated this module, you can also find the templates interface under Appearance > Sydney Templates.

Headers & Footers

Building headers or footers with our Templates system works the same way. 

  1. Go to Sydney Templates and click on Add Template
  2. Add a title (it doesn't show up on your front end) and build content based on what you want to achieve
  3. Use Template type to select the template you want to create (header, footer or content)
  4. Use the Display rules option to choose where you want to display your custom template. You can click Add another rule as many times as you want in order to combine the rules. You can also use the Select specific page button if you want to display your template on a specific page (or on multiple specific pages by simply clicking the button more times).


Choose Content from Template Type if you want your template to be treated like a content block. Once you do that, you will notice that the Hook type group shows up automatically:

You can select the output location for your content template from the Select hook option and you can use the Priority option if there are multiple templates (or other elements) attached to a specific hook and you want to control the order. The priority value can be both positive and negative. A negative value is more likely to put your template between the first elements attached to that location.

404 page

With Sydney Templates you can fully customize the content for your 404 page. Your configuration should be as follows: Template type to ContentDisplay rules to 404 PageHook type to 404 content. Once you configure it like this, Sydney Pro knows to automatically remove the default content from the 404 page and your custom content instead.


To help you build faster with Sydney Pro, we will be adding patterns specific for your header or footer. Follow these steps to find them:

1. Click on the block inserter button on the upper left-hand side of your template editor.

2. Click on Patterns

3. Select anything Sydney related from the categories dropdown to see what's currently available:

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