[Pro] Hooks system overview

The Hooks system in Sydney Pro helps you insert your custom HTML code or shortcodes in pre-established positions across the theme. You can add your code by going to Customize > Hooks. The Hooks panel is split into five sections, as follows: General, Header, Content, Sidebar, Footer. To prevent unwanted results, the theme automatically balances all tags.


  • wp_head: adds code to the <head> tag. Useful for various scripts.
  • Before site: before everything else on your website
  • After site: after everything else on your website


  • Before header
  • After header
  • After hero: if you have hero like a header image or header slider


  • Main Container: After Start & Before End
  • Before Archive Post & After Archive Post
  • Before Single Post & After Single Post


  • Sidebar: After Start - right after the sidebar container opening tag
  • Sidebar: Before End  - right before the sidebar container ending tag


  • Before Footer: before all footer content, including copyright bar and footer widgets
  • After Footer: after footer widgets and copyright bar
  • wp_footer: right before the closing <body> tag, useful for various scripts.
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