Pro How to Build Custom Thank You Templates

Custom thank you templates allow you to change the default WooCommerce thank you page and/or show different thank you pages for individual products in your WooCommerce store.

With Botiga Pro, you can create as many custom thank you templates as you want. You can either use them globally or assign them to your products on an individual basis.

Below, we’ll see how to create custom thank you templates with Botiga Pro’s Templates Builder module.

1. Enable the Templates Builder Module

Open your Botiga dashboard, then click the Activate link inside the Templates Builder module to enable it on your site:

Location of the Templates Builder module in the Botiga dashboard, annotated screenshot

2. Open the Templates Builder Tab

Once the module is activated, a new Templates Builder tab will appear in your Botiga dashboard. This is where all the custom templates you create with Botiga Pro will be located, including the custom thank you templates.

Click the Templates Builder tab to open it (alternatively, you can also open the tab from the Botiga menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area):

Location of the Templates Builder tab in the Botiga dashboard, annotated screenshot

3. Create a Global Custom Thank You Template

To create a global thank you template, click the Add Template button:

Location of the Add Template button, annotated screenshot

Enter the name of your template into the Template name field, then click into the Select Content field to start creating the template:

Location of the 'Template name' and 'Select Content' fields

Once the new options show up inside the Select Content field, click the Create New button, which will open the WordPress block editor where you can create your template (if the Elementor page builder plugin is installed on your site, you’ll also have an option here to open the Elementor interface):

Location of the Create New button

Botiga Pro will automatically name your template. Leave it as is, and start adding blocks to your custom thank you template.

With Botiga Pro, you get access to two custom checkout blocks that you can add to your custom thank you templates:

  1. Checkout Order Detail – This block displays various details of the customer’s order (e.g. order number, order date, order details table, shipping address, and many others) — there’s a dropdown menu in the block’s settings where you can choose from the available options. You can also add a custom thank you action or hook and edit the style and layout of the block.
  2. Checkout Thank You Nav – This block allows your customers to navigate between the thank you pages if the products they ordered are assigned to different thank you templates. You can customize the typography, colors, and alignment of the checkout thank you navigation.
Botiga Pro's template editor using the WordPress block editor interface and the location of the custom Checkout Order Detail and Checkout Thank You Nav blocks

Once you’ve added all the content you wanted to the template, click the Update button to save the changes:

Contents of the custom template and the lcoation of the Update button in the template editor

Now if you return to your Botiga dashboard, you’ll see that there’s a new Edit link inside the settings box of the template where you can open and edit the template at any time:

Location of the Edit link of a custom template in the Templates Builder tab

4. Set the Display Condition for Your Global Custom Thank You Template

To set the display condition of the template, click the little gear icon inside the template’s settings box.

You can choose between two types of conditions:

  • Display Conditions – e.g. entire site, product categories, product tags, product archives, etc.
  • User Conditions – e.g. logged-in users, logged-out users, administrators, customers, shop managers, etc.

For the global custom thank you template, set the display condition as Include = Order Thank You, which is the internal WooCommerce page (i.e. you can’t find it in the Pages menu of your WordPress admin area) that shows up after a customer makes a payment on the Checkout page.

Then, click the Save Conditions button:

Display conditions modal in Botiga Pro's Templates Builder module

Finally, also click the Save button at the bottom of the module to save the changes:

Location of the Save button in the Templates Builder module

5. Test Your Global Thank You Template

To test your global thank you template, you need to make a test order in your WooCommerce store.

Go through the checkout process (if you have issues with making a test payment, we recommend the free WooCommerce Order Test plugin by WP Fix It, which lets you make a dummy payment).

After you click the Place Order button, Botiga Pro should show the custom thank you page instead of the default one:

Test result, frontend view of the custom global thank you template created with Botiga Pro

6. Create Custom Thank You Templates for Individual Products

You can also assign a custom thank you template to each of your products if you want to. The thank you template that you assign on a per-product basis overrides the global thank you template.

First, you need to create the template that you’ll add to your products. You can create as many custom thank you templates as you want.

The workflow is the same as for the global thank you template: click the Add Template button in the Templates Builder, create the template, add the display condition (which is the same as for the global template: Include = Order Thank You), and save the changes.

As you can see in the screenshot below, now the two custom thank you templates show up next to each other in the Templates Builder (next to the other templates you created with Botiga Pro):

The two custom thank you templates (global and per-product) showing up next to each other in Botiga Pro's Template Builder module

Then, click the Products > All Products menu in your WordPress admin area to open the product you want to assign the custom thank you template to (note that you can assign a template to more than one product).

On the Edit product page, scroll down to the Botiga Product Options section and open the Templates tab:

Location of the Templates tab in Botiga Product Options on a WooCommerce product page

Select the custom thank you template you created for your product from the dropdown list.

You can also set the hook priority (a smaller number means a higher priority) — however, this setting is mainly for developers, so if you’re not sure about how hooks work, leave it as the default value (10):

Location of the template dropdown select menu on a WooCommerce product page

Then, scroll back to the top of the product page and click the Update button to save the changes.

Finally, check if your custom template works as expected by making a test order for the product in your WooCommerce store:

Test results of the custom thank you template assigned to an individual product