Pro Modal Popup

Note: The Modal Popup feature makes use of cookies. Some jurisdictions require you to inform your users about the cookies on your website. If this is the case for your jurisdiction, please add this to your cookie policy if you are using the modal popup feature.

How to setup the Modal Popup? 

This feature is bundled as a module within Botiga Pro, so firstly you have to enabled it from Appearance > Theme Dashboard > Theme Features

Once you have it enabled, you can find the modal popup options at Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Modal Popup


  1. Enable Modal Popup: Turn on/off the modal popup.
  2. Display Modal Delay (Seconds): Once the page is loaded, that’s the delay time in seconds the modal popup should be displayed to the user.
  3. Layout: Select between 3 types of layout (left side image, right side image or without image).
  4. Popup Max Width (px): Control the width of the modal popup.
  5. Side Image: The image to be displayed when Layout is defined to have side image.
  6. Side Image Max Width (%): Control the width of the side image inside the modal popup. 
  7. Content: The content to be rendered inside the modal popup. HTML and Shortcodes are allowed here. To insert HTML, switch from Visual to Text mode.
  8. Enable Cookie: Enable a cookie to permanent close the modal popup when the user click in the “X” button. So the popup will not be displayed every time the user access the website. 
  9. Cookie Name: Defines the cookie name to be stored in the browser. 
  10. Cookie Expiration Time (Days): The cookie expiration time. The quantity of days that the modal popup should be hidden to the user. Once this quantity is reached, the modal popup will be displayed again.
  11. Display Settings: Control how the modal popup should be displayed.

Display Settings Options:


  1. Show In: There are 3 options: All pages, Specific post types and Specific page/post ID’s.
  2. Post Types and/or Page/Post ID’s: If Show in specific post types is defined, a comma separated post type “slugs” should be entered in the field. If Show in specific page/post ID’s is defined, a comma separated post/page ID’s should be entered in the field.
  3. Show On Search Page: Display the modal popup in the search page. 
  4. Show On 404 page: Display the modal popup in the 404 page.