Pro Breadcrumbs

This feature is available only in Botiga Pro. To learn more about Botiga Pro, please go here.

The Breadcrumbs module adds breadcrumbs functionality to your Botiga Pro-powered website. Please note: you have to activate this module in order to get access to its features.

How to activate the Breadcrumbs module

To activate the Breadcrumbs module, please go to your admin area and from there go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard. Once you’re here, locate the Breadcrumbs module and click on Activate.


To configure your breadcrumbs, please go to Customize > General > Breadcrumbs.

Botiga Pro has a built-in breadcrumbs system as well as support for some of the most popular plugins that offer breadcrumbs functionality: All-in-One SEO, Yoast, Rankmath, or Breadcrumb NavXT. Simply use the Breadcrumbs Generator option to select the source of your breadcrumbs. If you are going to using one of these plugins for your breadcrumbs, please make sure you have activated the breadcrumbs functionality from the plugins options.

You can also use the Position option to display your breadcrumbs after you header, or before your post or page title.

Styling options are also available so feel free to configure the vertical padding, alignment or to change any of the colors using the built-in options.