Pro Hooks system

The Hooks system in Botiga Pro helps you insert your custom HTML code or shortcodes in pre-established positions across the theme. You can add your code by going to Customize > Hooks. The Hooks panel is split into five sections, as follows: General, Header, Content, WooCommerce, Sidebar and Footer. To prevent unwanted results, the theme automatically balances all tags.

The hooks feature is very useful when you want to insert some custom HTML or shortcode in a specific area. There’s some text markup variables that you can use along with hooks content. Here’s the list:

  • {{front_page_url}} — outputs the front page URL
  • {{blog_page_url}} — outputs the blog page URL

The text markup variables below requires the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated:

  • {{shop_page_url}} — outputs the shop page URL
  • {{cart_page_url}} — outputs the cart page URL
  • {{checkout_page_url}} — outputs the checkout page URL
  • {{shop_myaccount_url}} — outputs the shop my account page URL 

Usage example:


Since Botiga Pro 1.1.4, hooks are also available with the ‘Templates Builder’ module. Read more about the templates builder module in this article.