Pro White Label Botiga

This feature is only available as part of our Agency package.

Using the White Label feature, you can hide everything related to Botiga’s branding and replace it with your own branding. This is useful for agencies or freelancers that want to create a personalized experience for their customers.

Please install and activate the aThemes White Label plugin from Plugins > Add New to use the White Label feature. Once you’re done, visit Appearance > aThemes White Label to configure the settings, as shown in the screenshot below.

This is how the theme modal is going to change with your custom branding:

Once you’re happy with your settings, simply click on the Activate White Label checkbox and make sure you also click on the Save Changes button. In addition to the changes to the theme info shown in the screenshot above, the following things happen when you activate the white label:

  • the white label page is removed from the admin menu;
  • the theme dashboard is removed so your customer doesn’t see it;
  • the theme license page is removed;
  • every mention of the theme or link to from the Customizer is removed;
  • the plugin hides itself from the Plugins page.

How do I change the White Label settings after activating it?

If you need to alter the settings for the White Label after you have already activated it, simply append this to your website’s address:  /wp-admin/themes.php?page=athemes-white-label, like