Color options in Botiga

Global color options for Botiga are located in Customize > Colors. Visit this section and you will find color palettes as well as color controls for general elements like links, headings, site background and body text, and form elements.

Please note: you can also find color options for specific elements in various theme customizer sections.

Color palettes

The first option in this section is the Color palettes. Click on the option and select your preferred color palette. You'll notice how various elements from your website change colors automatically. You can safely ignore this option if you would rather use the rest of the color options to tweak your site's colors manually.

If you select a color palette and save your settings, the color palette you choose will automatically be added in the Color settings area for each editor block that supports colors.

If none of the existing color palettes is a good match for your website, you have the option of creating your own custom palette, starting from the current color scheme.

Color settings for theme elements

The rest of the Colors section is comprised of a few groups of colors, each for a specific set of theme elements. Just like the color palettes, these options will apply globally, across your entire website.

  • General
  • Links
  • Headings
  • Form fields
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