Getting started with Botiga

  1. Install the theme
  2. Import demo content (optional)
  3. Install WooCommerce
  4. Configure your home and blog pages
  5. Styles and branding

1. Install the theme

You can download Botiga from here and then simply log in to your admin area and navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and select the file. Click the Activate button and you’re ready to go!

2. Import demo content (optional)

Once you have installed the theme, you will be presented with the following banner. Simply click on the
Starter Sites button and the theme will automatically install our plugin and take you to the starter sites page, where you can see the demos that are currently available.

Tip: If you import one of the available starter sites, you can jump straight to step 5 (Styles and branding).

3. Install WooCommerce

Botiga is designed to be an e-commerce theme, however, it works very well for any type of website. The e-commerce area is built with the popular WooCommerce plugin. It’s free and you can install it from your admin area by going to Plugins > Add New and typing WooCommerce in the search field.

4. Configure your home and blog pages

Please note: if you have imported one of our starter sites, you do not need to follow this step as the home and blog pages are already configured for you.

This step is important if you want to have a static homepage and a different page for all your blog posts. To do these configurations, please go to Customize > Homepage Settings.

  1. Click on A static page;
  2. Select a previously created page or add a new one for your homepage*;
  3. Select a previously created page or add a new one for your blog posts.

* If you want your homepage to act as a canvas on which you can build with the WordPress editor or page builders, please activate the
Page Builder mode from the Edit Page interface.

5. Styles and branding

Botiga offers lots of customization options so you can style your website to match your brand identity.

Here are some helpful links to some of the more important customization possibilities: