Pro Product Navigation Links

The Product Navigation Links module adds customizable next/previous links to your WooCommerce product pages to help your customers easily navigate between your products.

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of a couple of product navigation links added with Merchant Pro to a WooCommerce product page:

Product Navigation Links module, frontend view, annotated screenshot

Now let’s see how you can configure and enable Merchant Pro’s Product Navigation Links module.

First, open your Merchant dashboard by clicking the Merchant menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area.

Find the Improve Experience section, and click the Product Navigation Links module to open its settings page:

Location of the Product Navigation Links module on the Merchant dashboard in the WordPress admin area, annotated screenshot

2. Configure the Settings

On the admin page of the Product Navigation Links module, you’ll find two groups of settings — we recommend that you review and configure each option before activating the module:

  1. Settings – Here, you can customize the content and placement of your product navigation links. You can choose whether you want to show the product titles or the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ labels on the links and whether you want to place your product navigation links at the bottom of the page, at the top of the page, or after the product summary. The Hook priority option is for developers — only change its value if you want to modify the loading priority of the product navigation links (and if you know how hooks work in WordPress), otherwise leave it as the default value (30).
  2. Style Settings – This group of options lets you customize the design of your product navigation links, respectively the text decoration, colors, alignment (a.k.a. justify content), and top and bottom margins.
Settings of Merchant Pro's Product Navigation Links module, screenshot

Once you have configured all the settings, click the Save button in the top-right corner of the page.

To activate the module, click the Enable button at the top of the page:

Location of the Enable button on the Product Navigation Links module's admin page, annotated screenshot