Scroll to Top Button

Merchant’s Scroll to Top Button module helps your customers get back easily to the top of the page with a single click.

You can see an example of a scroll to top button added by Merchant in the bottom-right corner of the screenshot below:

Scroll to Top button module, frontend view, annotated screenshot

Let’s see how to enable and configure the module.

1. Open the Scroll to Top Button Module

Open your Merchant dashboard by clicking the Merchant menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area.

Under the Improve Experience heading, click the Scroll to Top Button module to open its settings page:

The location of the Scroll to Top Button module on the Merchant dashboard, annotated screenshot

2. Configure the Module’s Settings

The Scroll to Top Button module has three groups of settings:

  • Settings for Desktop – Here, you can set up what your button will look like on desktop devices (e.g. laptops, monitors, larger screens). For example, you can choose an icon, display a short text explanation next to the icon if you want to, configure the visibility settings, and more.
  • Settings for Mobile – This group of options allows you to configure the side and bottom offsets of the scroll to top button on mobile devices.
  • Style Settings – These options let you customize the design of the scroll to top button, including the size, padding, color, and other styles value of the icon.
Merchant's Scroll to Top Button module admin page, Settings for Desktop, screenshot

Once the settings are configured, click the Save button in the top-right corner of the page.

3. Enable the Scroll to Top Button Module

If you’re happy with the design of your scroll to top button, click the Enable button to activate the module:

Scroll to Top Button module, admin page, location of the Enable button, screenshot