Pro Spending Discount Goal

The Spending Discount Goal module allows you to give your customers a discount after they reach a pre-defined spending amount. The discount can be either percentage-based or fixed.

For example, you can offer a 10% discount if a customer spends at least $100 in your store. Alternatively, you can give them a fixed amount, e.g. each customer gets $10 if they spend over $100.

If you activate the Spending Discount Goal module, Merchant Pro adds a spending goal widget to the bottom-left corner of your website that continuously reminds your customer of the available discount and shows them in percentage how far they are from the goal target. The percentage is calculated from the total price of the products in the cart.

For example, in the screenshot below, the spending goal widget reminds the customer subtly, but clearly, that they have already spent 39% of the pre-defined spending amount:

Frontend view of Merchant Pro's spending goal widget in closed state on a WooCommerce product page, annotated screenshot

The spending goal widget is clickable. You can show different messages inside the widget based on how far the customer is from the goal target.

For example, the test user below needs to spend $92 more to get a 10% discount:

Frontend view of the spending goal widget when it's open, annotated screenshot of a WooCommerce product page

The spending goal widget is visible on your entire website, not solely on the product and shop pages.

This includes your homepage, your blog posts, your archive pages, and all the other pages such as the Contact page:

The spending goal widget on a Contact page when it's closed, annotated screenshot

The screencast video below shows how the Spending Discount Goal works when a customer adds new products to the cart.

As you can see, Merchant Pro updates the numbers inside the widget as the spent amount grows:

Once the customer reaches 100%, the Spending Goal discount will appear on the Cart page and Merchant Pro will automatically deduct the discount from the total amount:

Spending Goal discount deducted from the total amount on a WooCommerce Cart page, annotated screenshot

Below, we’ll see how you can set up and configure Merchant Pro’s Spending Discount Goal module on your WordPress site.

1. Open the Spending Discount Goal Module

Open your Merchant dashboard by clicking the Merchant menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area.

Find the Boost Revenue section, then click the Spending Discount Goal module to open its settings page:

Location of the Spending Discount Goal module on the Merchant dashboard, annotated screenshot of the WordPress admin area

2. Configure the General Settings

On the admin page of the Spending Discount Goal module, you can find three groups of settings:

  1. Settings
  2. Text Formatting Settings
  3. Style

In this step, we’ll discuss the Settings section, which includes the general settings of the module.

You can configure the following options:

  • Spending goal – Here, you can define the spending goal in the currency of your WooCommerce store (you can change the currency, e.g. from USD to EUR, from the WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency options > Currency menu in your WordPress admin area).
  • Based on – This option lets you choose whether you want to calculate the discount from the Cart subtotal (doesn’t include other discounts you offer in your store) or the Cart total (includes other discounts you offer in your store).
  • Discount type – Here, you can choose between percentage-based and fixed discount types.
  • Discount amount – Here, you can define the amount of discount you offer.
  • Discount name – This is the name of the discount that will show up on your Cart page once the goal target is reached.
Location of the Settings section on the Spending Discount Goal module's admin page, annotated screenshot

Once the settings are configured, click the Save button in the top-right corner of the page.

3. Configure the Text Formatting Settings

You can find the Text Formatting Settings section below the general Settings section.

Here, you can configure the messages that Merchant Pro shows your customers at the three different stages of the discount process, respectively:

  • When the goal target is at 0%.
  • When the goal target is between 1 – 99%.
  • When the goal target is at 100%.

In the text of the messages, you can use the {spending_goal} and {discount_amount} variables to dynamically insert the values of the Spending goal and Discount amount options you defined in the previous step.

Merchant Pro also comes with a default text for each option — if you are happy with it, you can also leave it as is:

Location of the Text Formatting Settings of the module, annotated screenshot

Once the text formatting settings are configured, hit the Save button in the top-right corner of the page again.

4. Customize the Design of the Spending Goal Widget

You can find the Style settings below the Text Formatting Settings on the module’s admin page.

Here, you can customize the design of the spending goal widget, including the gradient colors, the progress bar color, the content width, and the color and background color of the content:

Location of the Style settings of the module, annotated screenshot

Once you have customized the style of the widget, click the Save button in the top-right corner of the page.

5. Enable the Spending Discount Goal Module

To activate the module, click the Enable button at the top of the module’s page:

Location of the Enable button on the module's admin page, annotated screenshot