Pro Advanced Reviews

The Advanced Reviews module lets you add social proof to your WooCommerce product pages in the form of enhanced customer reviews.

It replaces WooCommerce’s basic review functionality with more engaging product reviews including popular eCommerce features such as sorting functionality, a user-friendly review popup (instead of the simple form that WooCommerce uses by default), an eye-catching review summary, and more.

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of an Advanced Reviews section on a WooCommerce product page:

Frontend view of an advanced review

If a customer clicks the Write a Review button, a stylish review modal pops up on the screen where they can easily leave a product review:

An example of Merchant Pro's advanced reviews popup

For the comparison, here’s what the same product review section looks like with WooCommerce’s basic functionality.

As you can see, there’s no sorting functionality, no stylish popup that shows the product image and description, no eye-catching review summary, and the design is also much less engaging (with Merchant Pro’s Advanced Reviews module, you can customize every aspect of your review sections):

Screenshot of a default WooCommerce review

IMPORTANT: Note that this module only works if WooCommerce’s Enable reviews option is checked on the product page (it’s enabled by default — but we recommend that you check this setting if the Advanced Reviews section doesn’t show up on a product page once the module is activated).

You can find it by opening a product from the Products > All Products menu in your WordPress admin area, scrolling down to the Product data section, and clicking the Advanced tab:

Location of the Enable reivews checkbox of a WooCommerce product page, annotated screenshot

Below, we’ll see how you can configure and enable Merchant Pro’s Advanced Reviews module in your WooCommerce store.

1. Open the Advanced Reviews Module

First, open your Merchant dashboard by clicking the Merchant menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area.

Find the Build Trust section, and click the Advanced Reviews module to open its settings page:

2. Configure the Module’s Settings

On the admin page of the Advanced Reviews module, you’ll find two groups of settings — we recommend that you review and configure each option before activating the module:

  1. Settings – This group of settings allows you to change the content and design of your advanced review sections, including the title, description, stars, progress bar, dividers, review button, and more.
  2. Modal Settings – Here, you can customize the colors of the review popup that shows up on the screen when a customer clicks the Write a Review button.
Settings of Merchant Pro's Advanced Reviews module, screenshot

Once you’ve configured all the settings, click the Save button in the top-right corner of the page.

3. Enable the Advanced Reviews Module

To activate the module, click the Enable button at the top of the page:

Location of the Enable button on the Advanced Reviews module's Settings page, annotated screenshot