How to add a header image in Botiga

Botiga supports the core Header Image feature in WordPress. To locate this option, please go to Customize > Header > Header Image.

Go to Current Header and click Add New Image. Now upload or select an existing image.

Tip: Considering this will be a large image, it is recommended you optimize it before uploading with a service like If you already have a plugin that optimizes images when you upload them, you can ignore this.

The recommended image size is 1920×500. Once you upload your image, you will be presented with an option to crop it (you can ignore this option, if you want).

By default, the header image will display on all pages. Click on Add/Edit Conditions to add display conditions which will allow you to choose where you want display your header image. For example, you can choose to display it only on single posts, single pages, WooCommerce pages, or other pages. Another example: you could display the header on a specific post.

You can add multiple display conditions. You can also add user conditions, for example user logged in or logged out. Note that you can also use the Exclude rule to not show the header on certain pages/to certain users. When you’re done simply click Save Conditions and publish your changes.