A Quick Start Guide to Botiga Pro

In this quick start guide, we’ll look into how to get started with Botiga Pro.

By following the three simple steps discussed below, you can make your Botiga Pro store look like one of our starter sites.

Botiga Pro is a WordPress plugin that extends the free Botiga theme. As Botiga is a prerequisite of Botiga Pro, you cannot use Botiga Pro with another theme.

  • Botiga = free WordPress theme
  • Botiga Pro = premium WordPress plugin

1. Install Botiga Pro

Install the Botiga Pro plugin by following the workflow below:

  1. Open the Plugins > Add New menu.
  2. Click the Upload Plugin button.
  3. Click the Browse button.
  4. Upload the botiga-pro.zip file.
  5. Click the Install Now button.
  6. On the next screen, click the Activate Plugin button.

You can download the Botiga Pro ZIP file from either your purchase receipt email or your account page on the aThemes website.

Install Botiga Pro from the WordPress dashboard, annotated screenshot

2. Click the ‘Welcome to Botiga’ Prompt

Once the Botiga Pro plugin is activated, a ‘Welcome to Botiga’ prompt will appear at the top of your WordPress dashboard.

Click the ‘Start building your site’ button to install and activate the:

  • free Botiga theme (prerequisite)
  • free aThemes Starter Sites plugin (prerequisite for access to starter sites)
Welcome to Botiga Pro in the WordPress admin area

Once Botiga Pro completes the installation process, a new Botiga menu will appear in the left sidebar.

This is your Botiga dashboard where you can find Botiga’s free and Pro features, starter sites, your custom templates, and the settings:

Botiga menu in the WordPress admin area, annotated screenshot

3. Activate Your License Key

To ensure you get automatic plugin updates, you’ll need to activate your license key. First of all, copy your license key from either Your Account or your purchase welcome email. Then, from the Botiga Theme Dashboard navigate to Settings. Enter your license key in the field and click ‘Activate’.

4. Import a Botiga Pro Starter Site (optional)

The Botiga Pro starter sites are pre-made website designs created with Botiga Pro that include content, images, widgets, and Customizer configurations.

While importing a starter site is not a prerequisite of Botiga Pro, it can help you set up a professional-looking, fully functional WooCommerce store in minutes rather than hours.

If you want to import a starter site, click the Appearance > Starter Sites menu and choose a starter site. You can preview each starter site by clicking the Preview button. Once you know which one to import, click the Import button:

Botiga Pro Starter Sites in the WordPress dashboard, annotated screenshot

Botiga Pro’s import modal will take you through the entire import process step by step:

  1. Choose the page builder you want to use (if you’re unsure, choose Gutenberg, which is the default WordPress editor).
  2. Select the elements you want to import.
  3. Select the plugins you want to import (note that some of the plugins are required).
Botiga Pro's starter site importer, modal showing the importable elements, screenshot

Once the import process is completed, you can choose between two options:

  • Customize – This option takes you straight to the Customizer.
  • View Site – This option opens your site so that you can check out your Botiga Pro store.
Last view of Botiga Pro's Import modal showing two options (Customize and View Site), screenshot