Pro Particles background for sections

Please note: this feature requires Sydney Pro’s Elementor Tools module to be active. Learn more here.

Using Particles for your section backgrounds is a great way of bringing your designs to life. Here’s how you can configure it:

  1. Right-click on the section you want to add a particle background to and click on the Edit Section button.
  2. Go to the Style tab and locate the Particles section (with the Sydney logo) and enable the particles background for the current section, then click on the link to be taken to a website where you can obtain your JSON configuration file for the particles.
  3. Use the controls on the top right-hand side to choose a preset or configure your own. Click to download the configuration file once you’re done
  4. Open the file you’ve downloaded in any text editor (like Notepad, for example) and copy its contents, then paste into the Particles template option.
  5. If needed, configure the z-index (the order of your particles on the z-axis) and change the devices on which the particles are shown.

More presets

You can find a lot more presets here. If you decide to use any of this, make sure to remove the following block of code in order to stop your particles from spilling over your section’s edges. You can also set “enable” to false in the fullScreen block for the same effect.

If the JSON comes with a built-in background color, you can easily remove that too or set it to transparent: