Pro Advanced Carousel widget

This feature is only available in Sydney Pro. To learn more about Sydney Pro, please go here.

The Advanced Carousel widget lets you add as many slides as you want and you can set each slide to one of the four available modes: image, video, custom code, or template.

To add this widget, simply search for advanced carousel in the Elementor widget panel and then drag and drop it to your page.

The widget has five predefined slides which you can delete, edit or add more.

Image mode

You can select your image and also add a title and text to show after your image.

Using the Link to option, you can open your image in a popup by selecting Media File or you can even add a custom link.

Video mode

With the video mode, you can add a Youtube or Vimeo link and you can also select an image that will be displayed in the carousel. The actual video will be displayed in a popup when the user clicks on the carousel slide. You can also add a title and some text, just like for the image mode.

Custom code mode

You can add any basic HTML you want in order to create a completely custom slide.

Template mode

Probably the most powerful way to create a slide. You have to select a previously created template and that will be shown as the content of your slide.

To create a Template, simply go to your admin area and find the Templates menu, then Add a new template and build it with Elementor.

After you’ve created your template, go back to the page where you’ve added your carousel widget and refresh it so that your new template becomes available in the dropdown.


Apart from the actual slides, there are plenty of carousel-related options to configure.

You can configure the number of columns, show or hide the arrows or dots, configure autoplay settings, change image sizes or make your carousel work in an infinite loop.


You have complete styling control over all aspects of your carousel. You can change the color and typography for both text and titles, add border-radius to your images, or style the arrows and dots as you need.