Configuring your sale tag

Sale tags show up for products that are on sale like illustrated in the image below:

file-c7vlwcfbkv-7519719Plenty of options are available to customize your sale tag and you can find them by going to Customize > Woocommerce > Product Catalog > Sale Tag.

file-tvwl0to5cp-9448297Expand the Sale tag section to find the following options:


  1. Layout: simply choose if you want the sale badge to be left or right-aligned;
  2. Spacing: vertical and horizontal distance from the product thumbnail edges to your sale tag;
  3. Border Radius: use this for rounded corners;
  4. Badge Text: write your own label for the sale tag;
  5. [Pro] Sale percentage: by enabling this you replace the Badge text with the actual value of your sale. Combine {value} with whatever text you want.