How to Translate Merchant with Polylang

As Merchant integrates with the Polylang translation plugin, you can translate the text strings of your Merchant modules into any language.

With Merchant and Polylang, you can create a multilingual WooCommerce store in just a few steps.

Below, we’ll see how you can translate your Merchant strings from English into Spanish using the Polylang plugin. You can use the same workflow between any other languages.

1. Install and Activate the Polylang Plugin

Click the Plugins > Add New Plugin menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area and type ‘polylang’ into the search box.

Once Polylang shows up in the results, click the Install Now, and then the Activate buttons:

A screenshot of the Add Plugins screen, showing the Polylang plugin

2. Go Through Polylang’s Onboarding Wizard

Polylang will show an onboarding wizard as soon as it’s activated. The wizard consists of five screens where you can configure your translation settings.

Fill in all the options carefully:

A screenshot of the Languages screen of Polylang's onboarding wizard

Once all the settings are configured, click the Return to the Dashboard button.

3. Activate the Merchant Module(s) You Want to Translate

To translate a Merchant module, first, you need to activate it from the Merchant dashboard.

Below, we’ll show how to translate the Inactive Tab Message module into Spanish, which includes two text strings.

Click the Merchant menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area, open the module, then click the Enable button to activate it:

A screenshot of the admin page of the Inactive Tab Message module of the Merchant plugin

4. Translate Your Text Strings

Open Polylang’s Translations page by clicking the Languages >Translations menu in your WordPress admin area.

Here, you’ll see all the strings belonging to the Merchant modules you have activated on your site.

You can either type the translations right into the translation fields or, if you want, you can filter for Merchant’s strings by clicking the View all groups dropdown at the top of the page, selecting the Merchant option, then clicking the Filter button:

A screenshot of the Translations page of the Polylang plugin

Translate the strings, then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page:

A screenshot of Polylang's Translations page with the filtered Merchant strings and their translations

As you can see in the screenshot below, the translated text immediately shows up in your store once the changes are saved:

A screenshot of the translated inactive tab message

In the example above, only one Merchant module was activated on the demo site.

If you have more than one active module, they will all show up on Polylang’s Translations page, so you can translate them all at once:

A screenshot of Polylang's Translations page with more Merchant modules activated