Pro Extended Footer Module

This feature is available only in Sydney Pro. To learn more about Sydney Pro, please
go here.

Extended Footer module adds a new set of header-related features to your Sydney Pro-powered website.
Please note: you have to activate this module in order to get access to its features.

The following features are available in this module (you can click on each link to be taken to the corresponding section):

To activate the
Extended Footer module, please go to your admin area and from there go to Appearance > Theme Dashboard. Once you’re here, locate the Extended Footer module and click on Activate.



Footer separator

To add an extra note of creativity to your website, use the footer separator feature that’s part of the Extended Footer module. Locate this feature by going to
Customize > Footer > General > Separator.

Use the toggle to enable the footer separator and then choose your preferred style.


After you’ve enabled the footer separator, you’ll notice how it shows up on your website:


There are also plenty of styling options for your footer separator if you would like to adjust the height, width, or colors. You can see these options in action if you look at the overview video that’s found at the beginning of the article.


Background image

The background image covers your entire footer, including the footer separator (if you chose to use it). It’s easily configurable from
Customize > Footer > General > Background image. You just need to select your image and configure an overlay color.


Footer reveal effect

Located in
Customize > Footer > Footer Widgets, this option makes your footer stay fixed so that gives the impression it is revealed from underneath your website when you scroll down to it. Configuration is easy: you just need to enable the effect and choose the devices on which you want to display it.


Extra copyright area elements

New elements are available for your copyright area if you choose to activate the
Extended Footer module. These new elements are Shortcode, HTML, and Menu. Simply enable them for either the left or right column of your footer. You can also rearrange them with ease by drag and drop.


If you enable one of these options, their respective configuration fields will show up automatically: 

Pre-footer area

This area shows up right before your footer and can be used to display a call to action, a contact form, or a subscribe form. You can also use HTML.

This section is basically divided into two columns. The left column lets you add a title and some text while the right column can be configured to display a shortcode, HTML, or a button.


Style tab provides some important styling options that let you easily design your pre-footer area.

file-neczeovu1d-6247389This is an example of how the pre-footer area can look. You can see more if you watch the overview video found at the beginning of this article.