How to configure the copyright area in Sydney

With Sydney, you can add your company’s identity in all important places, including the footer. To find the copyright area options, please go to
Customize > Footer > Copyright Area.

Here are the options available for your copyright area:

  • Container type: keep your copyright content inside a container or make it fullwidth;file-euvqoa2ood-8236802
  • Footer creditsfile-dt6amurwoq-1424251Add your custom credits using this option. HTML is supported  and you can also use one of the tags: {copyright}, {year}, {site_title}, {theme_author}. These tags are automatically converted to their respective elements.
  • Social profilefile-njdvnsen3o-4125468Add all the the links to your social accounts using the Social profile option and the theme will automatically display the corresponding icon for each link, in SVG format. Use the bars icon to rearrange your links by drag & drop