Pro Enabling and Configuring the Top Bar

Sydney Pro can display a top bar above your main header. To enable it, go to Customize > Header > Top Bar and click the Enable Top Bar toggle.

General Settings

  • Container type
    • Full-width – the top bar stretches across the entire screen
    • Contained – the top bar is contained in the default container
  • Delimiter style: You can choose delimiter symbols that show up between your top bar’s elements.
  • Visibility: By default, the top bar is only displayed on desktop screens. From this option, you can choose the devices on which you want to display the top bar.


The top bar is comprised of two areas: the left and right sides. 

You can add the following elements to the top bar: Contact info, Social, Text, and Secondary menu. You can use drag-and-drop to enable and order your elements.


Based on the element you have chosen, new options will automatically show up in the Customizer. You can use these options to configure your selected elements.


Please note: each element can only be used once (e.g. if you enable Social on the left side, you cannot add it to the right side).