Footer widgets

All the available footer widgets options are located in Customize > Footer > Footer Widgets.

1. Select your layout

Widgets can be displayed on up to four columns, depending on the layout you choose. Each column will be a new widget area that you can populate from Appearance > Widgets. You can also disable them completely.

file-tubf5zfmpv-82663492. Click on the shortcut links

After you’ve selected a layout from the option shown in the screenshot above, you’ll notice some shortcut links that will take you to the widgets interface. The number of links is based on the layout you’ve selected previously.

file-4zpbrmrdlf-69144813. Add your widgets

file-vujnctrtze-4726174Repeat for all your footer widget areas.

Other settings

file-hbr6srkruz-9823510The footer widgets can be contained or fullwidth and you can select this from the Container type.

You can also change the Vertical alignment of your footer widgets. You can align all your widget columns to the top, middle or bottom.

The last option is Visibility – using this you can choose to display your footer widgets on all devices, only desktop or only tablet+mobile.