Create a custom Thalia FAQ page

Create a custom thalia FAQ page

From the Shopify admin click:

> Online Store
> Pages
> Click on Add page in the top right corner

> Once there, on the right bottom corner, change the template to page.faq

> Change the page title and make the page visible
> Don’t change anything in the content field as that part will be changed in the “Customize” menu.
> Click Save
> Click Online Store
> Click Customize
> From there select the page you just created
> From there you will be taken to the page bellow:

> From here you will be able to add 4 FAQ sections which you can show, hide and title however you want
> To add new questions and answers click one of the sections
> Click add question and answer
> Two field will show up (question and answer) like in the picture bellow
> Add as many questions and answers as you want