Add custom filters to your collection

Add custom filters to your collection

In Thalia, we have made it so you can add any kind of filter to your collection page. This means that you can filter your products by anything (size, color, length, width and anything else you want).

This isn’t possible by default in Shopify. To do this Thalia utilises the product tag feature from Shopify.

• Thalia uses this format to add new filters:


To better understand this and add new filters to your store, follow these steps:

> Click Products from your Shopify admin
> Select the product you want to have the custom filter
> Let’s say we want to do size, we would tag the product with the following format


In our collection “Size” would be the filter heading, while XS would be the value. Once you assign new values to the “Size” filter, they will be placed under the same heading.
On your collection page, the end result will look like this:
Thalia does something different for color filters on collection pages. To add new color filters to Thalia, follow the same steps as above and use any of these formats to add new values to the “Color” filter


Thalia will also support hex colors which will allow you to add any color to your collections, for example:


The end result will look like this: