Upgrading from Sydney to Sydney Pro

Please note: if you're starting out on your website with Sydney Pro rather than upgrading from the free version, you can safely ignore this tutorial

Sydney Pro is a different theme than Sydney so you install it by uploading the theme zip to WordPress (Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme). You won’t lose any of your content (posts, pages etc) when you activate it. However, because it is a different theme, your Customizer settings will be reset, so if you’ve made a lot of changes you might want to export them to Sydney Pro. 

Here is how you can export these settings:

  1. install and activate this plugin (while having the free version of Sydney active);
  2. go to Appearance > Customize > Export/Import and click on Export. You will automatically download a file;
  3. open that file in any text editor (like Notepad on Windows, TextWrangler on Mac) and do a Find&Replace (Ctrl+H in Notepad, ⌘F in TextWrangler) for s:6:"sydney" and replace with s:13:"sydney-pro-ii". Save the file;
  4. switch to Sydney Pro and visit again Customize > Export/Import. This time you will upload the file you’ve just edited. That’s it, you’re free to deactivate and remove the plugin now.
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