The Testimonials widget allows you to quickly showcase testimonials on your website. Designed for use with Elementor, this widget offers a flexible method to display customer or client feedback, reviews, or quotes, helping to build credibility and trust with your audience.

Activating the Widget

Ensure the aThemes Addons for Elementor plugin is installed and active on your site. To activate the Testimonials widget, go to the aThemes Addons dashboard in your WordPress admin. Find the Testimonials widget and enable it. Once activated, it will be available in the Elementor editor.

Features and options

Testimonials section

This area allows for the addition of individual testimonials. Features such as image, name, position, content, and more can be customized for each testimonial. Use the “Add Item” button to include new testimonials. You can reorder them through drag-and-drop or remove them as needed.

  • Image: Upload a photo or avatar of the person giving the testimonial.
  • Title & Content: Add the title and the testimonial text.
  • Name & Position: Show the name and the job title or position of the individual.
  • Rating: Optionally, add a star rating to the testimonial.
  • Review Date: Mention when the review or testimonial was provided.
  • Link: Add a link to the full review or the reviewer’s profile if desired.

You can also choose one of the available skins for an instant layout & design change.

Settings section

Configure how the testimonials are displayed, including:

  • Slides to Show: Control how many testimonials display at once across different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  • Image Size: Select the size for the images within each testimonial.
  • Arrows & Dots: Enable navigation arrows and pagination dots.
  • Autoplay: Configure the slider for autoplay, including speed and pause-on-hover settings.
  • Infinite Loop: Enable continuous cycling of the testimonials.
  • Show thumbs: All testimonials images are displayed after the carousel and can be used for navigation.

Styling options

Under the Style tab, extensive options are available for personalizing the appearance of your testimonials, including settings for the wrapper, slides, and individual testimonial items. Adjust margins, padding, colors, fonts, and more to match your website’s design and branding.