How to add custom sections to any page (product, collection, blog, article, 404)

Online Store 2.0 allows merchants to add sections to any page on the store. Customize has full support for Online Store 2.0 and below we explain how to do that. 

Open the theme customizer
2. From the page selector, select the type of page you want to edit. For collections, products, pages, blogs and blog posts, you will be able to select the default template or create a new one. When making a new template, you will have to assign it to an associated collection, product, page, blog or blog post. 
3.  From there, you will be able to add new sections by clicking the “Add section” button
file-4ctanyvjq3-8407443file-ucazizl2nl-95248154. When you add a new section, you will be able to hide it, show it or move it up and down by hovering over it. 

5. When you are done editing your page, click “Save”