Extra features in Moesia Pro

Crelly slider

Quick guide:

– Install the plugin from the recommended plugins notice which you get when updating or installing the theme for the first time;

– Create a new slider from the Crelly Slider tab. Note the alias that you enter there.

– Go to Customize > Crelly Slider and check the box to activate it and enter the alias in the input field.

– Be sure to deactivate the theme slider or video header from the Customizer in case you were using them.

– Done -> The slider you created will replace your header image.

Header background video

  • Upload a .mp4 video to your Media Library from Media > Add New. Copy the link for that video.
  • Go to Appearance > Customizer and find  the tab called Video.
  • Activate the video background from the checkbox that you can find there and add the link for your video in the .mp4 field.
  • Save and enjoy!

Slider background slider

  • Go to Appearance > Customizer and find the tab called Slider.
  • Add your images and activate the slider from the checkbox.
  • Save and enjoy!

Important: be sure to activate either the slider or the video background, don’t leave them both activated at once.

Disabling the header background on all pages except the front page

For the sake of continuity, the option to disable the header image on all pages except the front page that was found in the free version of Moesia will also be the one that will also disable the video or slider background on all pages but the front page. You can find it in the same place: Appearance > Customizer > Welcome Area.

Contact block

This is a new widget that is meant to be used on the front page only. This is how you would make full use of it:

  • Install the Contact Form 7 plugin, if you don’t have it already,
  • Create a new contact form with that plugin (you can use the template we’re using in the demo – you can get it from here),
  • Add the Moesia FP: Contact widget to your front page using the Page Builder. Don’t mistake it for the Moesia: Contact, that one is for sidebar use,
  • Simply enter your address of your HQ and the ID for your contact form and you’re good to go!

Dribbble, Instagram, Flickr blocks

This new blocks can be used on the front page, as well as your sidebar. Configuration is really easy, basically all you need to do is add them and you’ll see what you need to do. The Instagram one is a bit more special, meaning that you need to authorize an app in order to pull your images. You’ll find the link for that in the widget.

If you plan to use any of these three widgets in a sidebar, simply check the checkbox from inside the widget.