Customize The Active Article Page

1. Open the Active Customizer
2. From the page selector, select “Blogsfile-caepusbjzw-77905113. Click on the article you want to edit in the Live Preview

Active has a very unique feature allowing you to customize articles with custom sections. 

To add custom section to an article:

1. On the left side, open the “Article Sections” tab
2. Click “Add content” and select the section you want to add
3. In the “Select Article” field, select the article you are editing. 
4. Edit the rest of the section settings
5. Click Save in the top right corner

Why are there 4 “Article Sections” tabsfile-6ua6vtkgos-2224842Each tab can contain 250 sections. After 250 sections have been added to the tab, you will get a warning message. Please start adding sections in the next “Article Sections” tab. 

Four “Article Sections” tabs allows you to add 1000 different sections. This ensures that you will be able to have custom sections for each article on your store.