Configuring your homepage – Moesia

First thing you need to do is set a static front page like shown in the following video. This is what you want to do to create a business homepage instead of a list of blog posts. Next you can start adding rows and widgets to it.

Available blocks

Here’s a list of the available block that you can use on your homepage (or any other page that you build with the Page Builder plugin):

  1. Services – This block assumes that you`ve already set up some services from the Services tab. Just add them as you would any other post. Use the service title for the title field, add a description in the editor and set up an icon. To see the available icons, follow this link. Copy your desired icon name (e.g. fa-android) and paste it in the icon field. You can also add an image which will get a parallax effect, as you can for most of the section types. Just make sure you upload a big enough image to look good.
  2. Employees – As before, you need to add  your employees as custom post types. Add the name, a short description, a photo from the photo field, employee position, and social profile. All these can be configured from Employees tab.
  3. Social Profile – To use this block, follow the instructions provided inside the widget.
  4. Blockquote – Pretty straightforward here: add a photo, a quote and the quote author. Great to use if you want to display a message to your visitors from your manager or somebody else.
  5. Skills – The Skills block lets you show off your skills to your visitor. Up to five skills are allowed. Add a description and the names and values of your skills.
  6. Facts – The Facts block works pretty much like the Skills block and it provides a great way to show the visitors some more info about your company. Up to four facts are allowed.
  7. Projects – This is another block that requires you to publish some custom post types. Go to the Projects tab and add a project title, a description and a featured image to show up on the front page. The front page will also display the projects images in a lightbox gallery.
  8. Testimonials – Again, you first need to create custom posts for this block. Go to the Testimonials tab and create as many testimonials as you like. The post title will be the clients` name.
  9. Clients – Go to the Clients tab and add logos for your clients or partners using featured images. They will get displayed on the front page in a carousel. Make sure the logo images have the approximately the same height in order for the carousel to look good.
  10. Call to action – Add a short message and a link and title for the call to action button.
  11. Latest news – This block automatically pulls the latest three posts from your blog and displays them on the front page.
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