Call to action

The Call to Action Widget allows you to create engaging call-to-action sections with customizable buttons, images, and content. It’s perfect for highlighting key messages and driving user actions on your website.

Activate the widget

This widget is part of the aThemes Addons for Elementor plugin. To activate it, go to your admin area, visit the aThemes Addons dashboard, search for the widget, and click on the switch to activate it. It will now be available in your Elementor interface.

Widget options

Image section

  • Image: Upload or select an image to display in your call-to-action section.
  • Image Size: Choose the size of the image from predefined options.
  • Image Position: Set the position of the image relative to the content (inline or before).
  • Image Alignment: Align the image to the left or right.

Content section

  • Icon Type: Choose between ‘None’, ‘Icon’, or ‘Image’ for the icon in your content.
  • Icon: Select an icon from the library if ‘Icon’ type is chosen.
  • Image: Upload an image if ‘Image’ type is chosen.
  • Content Layout: Choose the layout of the content (inline or block).
  • Before Title: Add a text that will appear before the title.
  • Title: Enter the main heading of the call-to-action.
  • Content: Add the main content or description.
  • Title HTML Tag: Select the HTML tag for the title (e.g., H1, H2, H3).
  • Content Alignment: Align the content to the left, center, right, or justify.
  • Vertical Alignment: Set the vertical alignment of the content (top, middle, bottom).

Buttons section

  • Number of Buttons: Select the number of buttons (one or two).
  • First Button: Customize the first button’s text, link, and appearance.
  • Second Button: Customize the second button’s text, link, and appearance (if two buttons are selected).

Style tab

Customize the appearance of your call-to-action under this tab. You have a variety of options to ensure the widget matches your website’s design and branding perfectly.

Wrapper Style

  • Height: Adjust the height of the call-to-action section.
  • Padding: Set the padding inside the wrapper.
  • Margin: Set the margin outside the wrapper.
  • Background Color: Choose a background color for the call-to-action.
  • Border: Customize the border settings including color, width, and radius.
  • Box Shadow: Apply shadow effects to the wrapper.

Image Style

  • Overlay Color: Set an overlay color for the image (available for Banner skin).
  • Width: Adjust the width of the image.
  • Border Radius: Set the border radius of the image.
  • Box Shadow: Apply shadow effects to the image.

Content Style

  • Padding: Set the padding inside the content area.
  • Max Width: Adjust the maximum width of the content area.
  • Icon Size: Adjust the size of the icon if one is used.
  • Icon Color: Set the color of the icon.
  • Before Title Color: Customize the color of the text before the title.
  • Title Color: Set the color of the title.
  • Title Typography: Adjust the typography settings for the title.
  • Title Margin: Set the margin around the title.
  • Content Color: Customize the color of the content text.
  • Content Typography: Adjust the typography settings for the content text.
  • Content Margin: Set the margin around the content text.

Button Style

  • Button Text Color: Set the color of the text inside the buttons.
  • Button Background Color: Customize the background color of the buttons.
  • Button Border: Configure the border settings for the buttons, including color, width, and radius.
  • Button Padding: Adjust the padding inside the buttons.
  • Button Hover Effects: Customize the hover effects for the buttons, including hover color, background, and border.

These style options ensure that your call-to-action looks professional and integrates seamlessly with your site’s overall design.

Usage tips

  • Ensure your call-to-action message is clear and compelling to drive user actions.
  • Utilize contrasting colors for buttons to make them stand out and encourage clicks.


The Call to Action Widget is a versatile tool for creating engaging call-to-action sections on your website. With extensive customization options, you can tailor the appearance and functionality to match your needs and provide an engaging user experience.