[PRO] Header/Top bar login/register link with popup

Display a "Login" link with popup for non-logged-in users and a "Welcome message" for logged-in users.

Non logged-in users:
Logged-in users:

How to setup the login/register option?

First of all, the login link could be added in the Top Bar and Header as well. Let's say we want to add in the Top Bar. 

1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Top Bar and enable the Login/Register2. Once you have the Login/Register element enabled, new options should appear below. Scroll until the Login/Register options and click Login/Register SettingsYou will be redirected to the Login/Register options:1. Login Link Text: The login text link that is shown to non logged-in users.
2. Enable Popup: Open the popup with login/register forms. If this option is disabled, the user will be redirected to default WooCommerce login/register page. Important: To show the "register" form, you need check the option "Allow customers to create an account on the "My account" page" in the WooCommerce plugin Settings > Account & Privacy.
3. Show Welcome Message: Display the welcome message with dropdown account links when the user is logged-in. 
4. Welcome Message Text: The welcome message text. 

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