Single product options overview

Product gallery settings

You can configure the single product gallery layout by going to Customize > WooCommerce > Single Products. You can also disable the gallery slider there or change the number of columns for the gallery images.


As shown in the image above, you are free to enable or disable most of the elements that show up on your single product, including breadcrumbs, upsell and related products, tags, categories etc.

Trust badge and reasons to buy (Sydney Pro)

The trust badge image shows up right after your product's short description. You can use it to display any kind of image you want, like Secure checkout etc. The Reasons to Buy list is shown right after this image and can be used to create a list of advantages for buying your products, like free shipping etc.


Some styling options are also available for your single products. Please go to Customize > WooCommerce > Single Products and click on the Style tab, as illustrated in the image above. You can easily customize your product title and price color and font size.

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