Blocks - Container Block

Container Block is a style wrapper to combine different blocks in a single row. It is helpful when you need more flexibility in your block designs. Like alignment, background, or positioning control. It is like a container or div to hold another block inside. You can:

  • Combine multiple blocks in a single section
  • Build their own website sections and layouts


Content Width: Use this option to change the container’s width. Responsiveness tabs are available along with two different units for this: PX and Percentage (%).

Border Radius: Pick the radius on the entire container block. This will create a rounded square effect on the block.

Z – Index: You can move the block backward or forward.

Content Alignment: Pick the content alignment right, left, or center. Responsiveness tabs are also present.

Container Block with background image and default GB heading and paragraph inside.


None: It will show the theme's default background.

Color: Use this RGBA setting to change the background color of the container block.

Gradient: Pick two colors for the gradient background. The gradient will be generated between these two colors and set the degree and color position.

Container Block with title and columns inside.

Image: Pick an image as the background.

Image Background


Padding: Pick the padding around the items. You can either pick a uniform radius or edit each of them individually. Responsiveness tabs are also present. You can choose from five different units for this: PX, VW, REM, EM, and Percentage (%).

Margins: You can control the top and bottom margins of your block. Responsiveness tabs are also present with five different units for this: PX, VW, REM, EM, and Percentage (%).

Container Block with gray background color and default GB columns with text and image.

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